Monday, December 17, 2007

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Daddy trying to place our angel at the top of the tree. We chose our tree two weekends ago and finally decorated it on Friday evening. It was the first time since last weekend that everyone was home:) We always decorate the tree all together. I remember saying last year that it was so great because JiaLi was getting it but this year was even better!! We had Christmas music on as we were decorating and JiaLi was singing along with the songs. Not just the basic words but more specific words that caught us off guard. We could not help but smile. Yes the cookie monster was her favorite ornament--JiaLi had her one section of tree where she placed all the ornaments:) Joseph, our more serious one making sure the ornament looks o.k. Trying to get a group shot--Edward is in the process of placing his antlers on that he received after visiting Santa. I finally brought JiaLi and Edward to visit Santa--JiaLi actually got on his lap but no smiles. I'll post soon:)


LaLa said...

SWEET!!!! Glad you got it decorated and the kids had fun. I keep saying that 3 must be the perfect age but I am sure next year I will say 4 is LOL

The Byrd Family said...

I love how he is not quite satisfied with how he hung the ornament...very sweet!