Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Sister's

Yesterday was our day to have a Christmas gathering with my sister. In years past, we have had our get togethers in the evening. This year because my sister had activities with her husband's side each evening and because I was too disorganized to have it on an earlier weekend, we decided to have a brunch. We did it at my sister's and we have decided this may be the new thing--it was so relaxing and we weren't worrying about rushing to get the kids to bed:) The kids get spoiled! My sister goes crazy on the kids and I always feel bad(we have 5, she has 2). JiaLi was spoiled with Dora Color Wonder and Dora PlayDoh and a gigantic Dora coloring book. I keep joking that Santa does not need to come to our house because the kids get enough from their Grandparents and aunts and uncles;) These honestly are typical of the group pictures we try to get of the kids. We just have to laugh! I was happy with the one below of JiaLi with her cousin Rachael who is 2. The two girls are so cute together. My battery was low and was picking up the slightest movement with a blur--hopefully I'll fix the settings before Christmas day. The other night little Joseph was upset because he had not sent a letter to Santa yet and he didn't get to see him. I took down a list of 4 items from each of the kids and said I would make sure Santa received it. I always explain that Santa knows how Mommy and Daddy feel and that not everything on the list will be received. Thought I would share JiaLi's list: Girl Legos, a Kitchen, a watch(she heard the other kids say watch) and a coffee maker with cups:)(Yes, Mommy and Daddy have a very bad coffee habit.) I love this picture--Daddy was away the last few weeks(separate trips). Most of his trips are 1-2 day things which is not bad. When he goes away for longer, he started this thing(which I think is crazy but what can I do) where he likes to buy the kids something. On this trip, Daddy got JiaLi a Panda necklace and here she is showing it off. I have to say though, it is the best necklace ever. It is the first one that she does not get annoyed with and want to take off. She wears it all day! If I don't post again--Merry Christmas to everyone!!


mommy24treasures said...

oh the brunch sounds great! Your sister sounds lik a wonderful Aunt! My kids really have no aunts or uncles to be close too:(
That is a blessing.

The panda necklace sounds darling! Glad she loves it.
I know another daddy that likes to buy things for his little treasures too;)

LaLa said...

Brunch sounds like a winner!! I have the whole fam coming here for Dinner tomorrow night.....EEEKKK

Hey, I think we have that same Panda the necklace

The Byrd Family said...

Sounds like a great time! I also think it is awesome for Daddy to bring his baby girl something home! After all, that's what Daddy's are for!!