Monday, January 07, 2008

She Loves Legos

Whether it's a car, a ship, a dog, or a tower or whatever else comes to mind, JiaLi loves Legos! These are random pictures that were taken yesterday. First she stashed a few legos to bring in the car. She enjoyed flying her rocket--I know it looks like a dog--which is what she usually says she has built "a dog with shoes" but when I took the picture it changed to a rocket:) Usually in the evening when all the kids are in pjs, we take turns reading with the kids. We usually begin with Edward and JiaLi because the others are pretty independent but we still like to read with them. While we were reading with the others, JiaLi and Edward decided to occupy themselves with legos. I just love watching them play together. They are just so sweet. The other day, Edward and JiaLi were looking at something from a while ago and Edward commented "that was before we were born...I was in Mommy's belly" and then JiaLi said, "I know, I was in China in Daddy's belly" then Edward said "but you were in Mommy's heart and I was in her belly but I was in her heart too and that's why we're friends." Gotta tell you, he melted my heart. Yes, to her side while sleeping, she had legos:)


Lisa said...
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mommy24treasures said...

sweet. we love legos here too. Last year that was a main Christmas present. I bought a huge set from a school supply warehouse that you don't find in stores. They have LOOVED it.

sorry about the last comment you would think bu now I would learn tos ign out when I am working on someone elses blog!!!

LaLa said...

Awww...super sweet big brother. Love that she even slept with them : )