Sunday, January 13, 2008


No, I don't encourage the use of swords. JiaLi went to Story Time at our local library last week and they read a pirate related story(actually more about taking a bath--very cute book). For the craft, they made a pirate hat and an eye patch. This worked out great for Edward--one for JiaLi and one for Edward. They did alternate but of course, Edward wore the pirate hat the remainder of the afternoon. The "swords" are actually part of a "drum" thing the kids got for Christmas from aunts and uncles but hey when the batteries die--it's always great to find some use. They knew if I saw them swinging the "swords" that I would take them. In our town, for Kindergarten, the kids can attend full day or half-day but of course to attend full day, you need to pay. Although it's not an outrageous fee, it's still money and with the adoption and other expenses, we opted to have Edward go the half-day. I have to confess, I am happy about the half-day deal because it gives JiaLi and Edward time with each other. When they are with each other without the older siblings around, they play so well together. They always crack us up:)


LaLa said...

So funny....also glad they have some extra time with just the two of them : )

The Byrd Family said...

What adorable little pirates! I love it!

mommy24treasures said...

Very cute I think its wonderful he comes home early. I know even in first gr that was the hardest part for my Ryan... Staying after lunch. THis time together is helping their bond to stregthen for sure! looks like they are best buddies.:)