Thursday, January 17, 2008

At Play

This weekend the kids have an extra long weekend because the teachers have a professional day Friday. Tonight we are having company and some of the kids friends are sleeping over. So of course this morning, I needed to do that cleaning that does not always get done. While cleaning, JiaLi got out her cooking things and began cooking:) She just cracks me up because she is so serious about her play and really gets into the cooking. Of course, she can be a wiseguy too--here she is pretending to pour juice from her cup into whatever she was using. (something she is not supposed to do) She is showing her true "bedhead" here--but I still think she's cuter than ever:) O.k. now we are dressed and our errands are done. So what does JiaLi want to do before the kids get home. Play making coffee for Dunkin' Donuts:) Couldn't resist posting the last picture.


LaLa said...

What a cutie....that last pic is precious!!!

mommy24treasures said...

all so sweet!!! love the bed head we have looked like that alot this week ourselves;)
Caitlyn and J and C when they were little always wanted to use "REAL" juice water etc... always busted on it... Caitlyn soaks the floor with water in her teapot everytime I am not paying attention to my mommy duties...One day they snuck down too the kitchen and took those little Crystal light pakcs upstairs to make "real tea" big ugh!

The Byrd Family said...

Love all the pictures especially the last one. Lottie and Emma can play for hours with their kitchen food. The worst they have done is crumble up goldfish crackers for food on the plates so I guess I should be thankful!!

missy said...

These are absolutely darling pictures, but the last one is a heart tugger! These are great.

LaLa said...

Dear Michelle,
Although I love these pictures it has now been a week since you posted. I go to this site daily "just to check" and am hopeful I will see more pics of the darling Madden Clan soon!


Your friend, travelmate and blogg stalker,

mommy24treasures said...

I need a new fix too! You know Laura and I are blogacholics! We especially need our MaddenClan pics though...Miss your posts.