Saturday, November 17, 2007


That was a total ooops about the 2 year post not being there. I made a change--I took out the bottom edit I had done since the phone calls were asked to stop and I think instead of publishing I only saved. I hate when I do that. Just finished my first calendar workshop--this is my 4th year doing it. I am holding it this weekend and next weekend. It's where my friends come and put together 12x12 calendars with each month a scrapbook layout for photos for each month. It's a lot of work but a lot of fun. This is my 4th year doing it and it means a lot to me because when Joe was in China for those 2 weeks and I was going crazy waiting for them to come home, I held my workhshop and I did it open house style but to the point that the ladies who were interested in making one could come at any time they wanted---it was great company:) and because they didn't all come on the same day, I had company spread out over the time:) This photo is one I've had for a while--it's actually a shower photo and not a bath. We do showers with our kids to make the flow for cleaning and changing easier and since JiaLi has been home, even though she loves to take a bath, she fit right in with our shower routine:)


LaLa said...

Hey..we only have one kidlet and we do the shower thing too...just quicker LOL

Glad you are having fun..let me know if you are able to do one for me and the $$

LOVE this pic...cutie pie : )

test for new banner said...
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mommy24treasures said...

sorry for the deleted comment. I was working on a Christmas blog for me and was signed in on my test site.
I am glad you put the post back, I love it and even after commenting I like to look again.
The calendar sounds neat. I need to make one one day for my mom. She would love it.
Loe the shower pics. Don't you just love wet hair pics?:)

Steffie B. said...

Too bath time pics...they are so fun!