Monday, November 12, 2007

A Cold Weekend

The last weekend of soccer. Although I love to watch the kids play, I have to confess that I am thankful to be moving on to indoor sports:) This weekend was soooo cold. I couldn't even take pictures at Edward's game because JiaLi was so cold--his games are at the earliest and coldest part of the day. I was so bummed because he was the most excited and had such great spirit playing--a smile the whole time. Joseph's game though, I did get some pictures. JiaLi was semi-satisfied with a snack. Joseph is number 8(I can't get over his speed). The coach was asking Joseph if he would be playing in the Spring...well he likes baseball and I am just not into the more than one sport:) At Jenise's game, JiaLi was much happier. She has her little buddy that she plays with the whole game. One of the brother's of Jenise's good friend who this year played soccer for the first time and was on Jenise's team--hooray:) Jenise had a great game but honestly was in tears on the way home because she was so cold--her game was immediately after Joseph's making 2 hours on the field. We concluded the weekend at the Veteran's day parade. In the past we watched the parade with my niece being a participant in Brownies/Daisies but this year I was very proud to have Danny marching in the parade:) If only I could have caught him marching;) Joseph was home with Edward and Daddy because his lungs were pushed too far this weekend:( and he was home trying to rest. The picture with JiaLi's hand on her ear is me telling her that I could hear Danny coming:) And yes,of course, what's a cold weekend without some hot chocolate:)


mommy24treasures said...

oh it kind of makes me cold just seeing the pics! BRRR... lOVE THE HOT CHOC IDEA.
You have such a beautiful family.
We are being spoiled this week with more 70 degree weather so shall be out every moment we can.

The Byrd Family said...

Ahhh....yes, I remember these days. I was a "soccer mom" for 20 years! Maybe Lottie and Emma won't play outdoor sports and just play the violin! LOL

LaLa said... is cold here today too. I was coming to comment on your Family Day post...where is it?

Love that last pic...Mark looked across the room and thought it looked like Annslee : )

mommy24treasures said...

I loved your special 2 yr post! I wish you hadn't taken it away :(