Sunday, October 01, 2006

The PATS Pull out the Victory

Joseph and Catherine are playing under the desk on the Bengals - PATS Sunday and JiaLi is having fun with cousin Jeffrey. The kids are having a grand time as the adults watch the Patriots Bengals Game. It was great fun, sometimes the last minute get togethers are the best. It was good to see Uncle Pete, Auntie Amy and Uncle Jeff. We have not seen much of each other in a while, life sometimes gets in the way. All the cousins had a grand time eating munchie food, juice boxes and playing around. It was a very good day. A much happier second half of a game that started out not quite so good, the PATS stalled on their first drive and the Bengals scored on their first two drives... The PATS came out on fire in the second half and really took it to the Bengals 38 to 13. Daddy was very happy after the second half, losses two weeks in a row would not have made for a good week at work... But all is well the PATS pulled it out.

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