Monday, October 09, 2006

Apple Picking in the Fall!!! A Must!

We all went apple picking today this is a family tradition that JiaLi is participating in for the very first time. It was such a beautiful day there was not a cloud in the sky. We are all very patiently waiting for the hayride to get us to the apples for picking. JiaLi was looking at everything and very excited to pick apples. We had to keep telling her not to pick the ones from the ground. Can't blame her though they are a lot closer to her and easier to get. Joseph's prized apple, he wanted to make sure that he got that one when we got home. Did I get this apple from the ground, I am not sure... It looks good to me. Can we keep it, I promise I will get the next one from the tree. Edward was using his super powers to pick as he put it "the super juiciest apple". Edward has a flare for the dramatic. He gets so very excited when we do things as a family. As he puts it we are all his buddies because we are family. Okay so maybe daddy is his buddy because they have the same hair cut but in general it is because we are all family. Dan was going for the apples higher in the tree, he wanted to make sure that they were ripe and Not on the ground, he helped out a lot with JiaLi. All in all it was a great day, we walked through the orchid, got a whole bunch of apples, (1/2 bushel or two pecks) and had lunch with the family in the shade of the orchid. We love apple picking, it is something that is so seasonal here in New England and so dear to our heart as a family.

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