Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Jenise had a jumprope camp last week and I was in awe at how she jumped. They did Double Dutch jumproping and some other jumprope things. Of course, JiaLi also wanted to jumprope and the day we went to watch, JiaLi made sure to bring a jumprope along. JiaLi also enjoyed jumproping without a rope:) Everyone except JiaLi participated in swimming lessons last week and this week. They have had a lesson each day and will finish tomorrow. The age to participate is Kindergarten. I'm not sure what clicked this week but all of a sudden, JiaLi is doing bobs in the water on her own:) We are so proud of her:) I don't know if you can tell but in the lower photo of the big brother pictures, JiaLi is riding his back. Since Joseph was in the post yesterday didn't want to leave Edward out:) He had a collision with his brother while playing basketball and landed on his head--luckily he also landed on his elbow so that full impact was not to the head. I keep telling him that just because he dressed like Harry Potter last Halloween doesn't mean he needs to Really be him.(for those who have read, I am referring to the Lightening scar on his head--all week, he has been saying now I really look like Harry Potter.)


Michelle said...

Cute pictures! Jumprope camp sounds like fun. I love watching double dutch!

mommy24treasures said...

Edward always captures my heart. He has the sweetest smile and beautiful eyes:)
I am ready to hear about your decision on #6! I haven't forgotten you said you would share soon:)

missy said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. Laura spoke so highly of you and sweet JiaLi. Maybe if you come down our way sometime we can meet.

I love the idea of jumprope camp! WOW!

Great photos as always : )