Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I was hoping to post pictures from our family reunion but I did a bad job that day and the pictures didn't come out that great:( I am posting now our trip. I apologize for so many photos but believe it or not I did narrow down. Last week, my DH had a business trip in Long Island and very last minute, the whole family tagged along. The very first day, we were not sure how far from the office we were and I didn't want to spend all day trying to find my way around so Daddy drove himself and we hung out at the hotel. (Mommy did not have success here getting a family shot but that's o.k.--wait till you see the beach.) We went for a walk to see what was around and then when we returned we went swimming. There was an indoor and an outdoor pool and the outdoor pool was not crowded at all--we were pretty much the only ones in--so the kids had the pool to themselves. Taking a break for lunch...our room had a full kitchen. The kids are eating leftover pizza from the night before. Then we spent some time on the half basketball court. My kids luckily love basketball and were happy to have this activity available. It was a really hot pool so of course we went right back in the pool. JiaLi has turned into quite a water monster. She is right there with the kids in the pool the entire time we were there. It is so much fun to watch. She is finally going underwater too without losing her breath:) She does not do this on her own yet but when she goes under with others, she no longer fears it:) JiaLi copying her brother. No she did not dive from the steps but she had fun pretending.

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LaLa said...

Wow...great swimming!! I know they loved having their own private pool : )