Friday, June 27, 2008

A Truly Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday morning Joseph was invited over a friend's house. I drove him and then made plans with my sister for later in the afternoon. It was one of those days in the low 80s, not too hot so we(or I should say I) decided to go hiking. We have some trails right around the corner from us. We packed a lunch and a large water bottle with pink lemonade and headed off. The kids were so cute..both Danny and Edward said "this is actually fun." We were limited for time because I had to get Joseph and because we had plans with my sister but the kids now want to return. I apologize that I am posting so many at once. The photo of Jenise with the red dot on the tree is a key. We followed the red dots along the path but this particular tree was a landmark for our smaller return sidepath. When we returned to this spot, none of the kids believed that it was the tree...even with me showing the picture and matching the surroundings. Because they did not believe me, we ended up walking a little further in the other direction until we came to a location that was obviously not previously seen. We were joking about listening to Mommy;) JiaLi using her binocular eyes to spot the red dots:) Jenise joining in:) After hiking, we went to my sister's and her husband brought the kids (+me) tubing:) This time to save time, the kids doubled up. Edward is riding with one of his best buddies. This one of Joseph asking to slow down cracks me up:) Jenise rode with JiaLi and it is a good thing she did not ride alone today. She had no nap and with all the hiking, she was wiped. She almost fell asleep in the tube. Jenise had to boost her up because she let go!! Since Jenise was willing to ride with the little ones, she was able to ride on her own--and she had quite a ride!


LaLa said...

That hike looks like fun! Yeah, always listen to Mama!!! Ha ha

I want to come tubing too!!

mommy24treasures said...

how fun. sounds like perfect temps too. It was a WONDERFUL Wed.:)
I can just see Jia Li falling asleep. Caitlyn still really needs her nap too. I am glad she does.

The Byrd Family said...

Lottie and Emma would NEVER go tubing even with me on there...You go Jai Li!!!!