Friday, April 25, 2008

The Pool and the Zoo

It was so hard for me to narrow down the pictures. Here are just a few from the pool that cracked me up. The boys enjoyed playing with Ellen at pool time--I think because she liked the hot tub as much as they did;) And I love this photo of JiaLi with Annslee--doesn't it look like they are sharing;) I did take many other pictures but they came out blurry:( The zoo. Here Joe is trying to determine who weighs more. He thought the same:) Trying to get a group picture. Some of the girls were not too happy because there was one of those dressed-up figures and the girls were not yet ready for that. Those animals definitely need to be warmed-up to. Here we are viewing the pandas. There really is something about those animals that just warms the heart. Jenise became very close to one of the girls on the trip Lianne and we enjoyed having her with us. She is just such a sweet girl and I am so happy at how close they became on this trip. It was their first time meeting each other. Lunch time we were able to catch-up with some of the group but most were done with their lunch as we were beginning. We were so happy to catch up with Annslee:) Toward the end of the day, we were able to watch some dancers. The girls with the umbrellas attracted most of the girls to even go right up to the stage to watch. Including JiaLi but at this point she lost all energy and fell asleep. Leaving the zoo. The weather could not have been better for our day at the zoo. Here are the big girls keeping an eye on Annslee and Lauren. And have I mentioned how much Joseph loves Uncle Mark:)(of course all the kids do but there is something about Joseph and how he interacts with others) JiaLi did finally wake-up as we were exiting the zoo in time to take a photo with the dressed-up Panda. We were lucky to have Lianne come in our car:) (Joseph went in Annslee's car so we had room.) The more time the girls had, the happier they were:)


redmaryjanes said...

Wonderful photos of a wonderful day!

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Great Photos!

It was nice to see Lianne and Jenise buddy up! I hope the big kids had as much fun as the little girls did.

Sharon said...

You pictures really seem to capture the day. The fun whole story! The kids are so CUTE too.

LaLa said...

Love all the pics and I totally lifted the panda one..that one is great!

Rough day for both of us...hang in there : )

mommy24treasures said...

Great pics.
I am so sorry for the news you received.:(
So sorry. I know its so hard. There was a time when I was praying for a Jacob that I had to totally re route everything after just 'knowing'he was in Honduras, praying for over a yr, spending several thousand dollars as well, and actually going there.
It urned out though my baby boy was in Guatemala. Please don't give up. Listen to your hearts...
Much love