Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Well, it's that time of year with all the school concerts. Here are some pictures from the day of Danny's concert and today at Joseph's concert. This is Danny's first year playing the saxophone and the pictures I took at the concert were way to dark to post so I took some when we got home. I have more to post but with each attempt the program is not letting me even in a new post. So here is what I was able to post.... Joseph at his concert. I was unable to get him singing because when all the kids stood up, he was behind some kids and I am too short to reach my arms up to get an overhead picture. He was so cute!! Danny was a nervous wreck about his concert but he was so cute on the stage --he's learned a lot in a short time:) JiaLi was so excited to go to Joseph's and Danny's schools. Of course, Joseph got all the hugs today(Danny was last week) :) Actually she is always willing to hug anyone!! Further down is the picture we are going to use on our wall along with all the kids school pictures. I wanted to post pictures of the process to get the shot--JiaLi playing peek-a-boo, hiding, running away, but I'm not able to right now so I posted the final one.

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We cannot wait to see all of you next week!!!